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December 31st, 2008

Top 50 Albums of 2008

1. Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness: The Plow that Broke the Plains/The Future
2. Punch Brothers Punch
3. Deerhunter Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.
4. TV On the Radio Dear Science,
5. Women Women
6. M83 Saturdays = Youth
7. Why? Alopecia
8. Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
9. Ponytail Ice Cream Spiritual
10. Adam Pasion O Hear the Rattling
11. Starflyer 59 Dial M
12. Thee Oh Sees The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In
13. Titus Adronicus The Airing of Grievances
14. No Age Nouns
15. Vivian Girls Vivian Girls
16. Woods Some Shame / Woods Family Creeps Woods Family Creeps
17. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
18. Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing
19. She & Him Volume 1
20. Pyramids Pyramids
21. Katie Stelmanis Join Us
22. Xiu Xiu Women As Lovers
23. Norma Jean vs. the Anti-Mother
24. Blood On the Wall Liferz
25. Be Your Own Pet Get Awkward/Get Damaged EP
26. Atlas Sound Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
27. Fucked Up The Chemistry of Common Life
28. Blitzen Trapper Furr
29. Langhorne Slim Langhorne Slim
30. Marnie Stern This is it and I am it and You are it and So is That and He is it She is it and it is it and That is That
31. Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning Something for All of Us…
32. The Notwist The Devil, You + Me
33. Pocahaunted Peyote Road/Island Diamonds/Mirror Mics/Beast That You Are
34. Ellen Allien Sool
35. The Gutter Twins Saturnalia
36. Amanda Palmer Who Killed Amanda Palmer
37. Abe Vigoda Skeleton
38. Color Revolt Plunder, Beg, and Curse
39. U.S. Girls Introducing…/Gravel Days
40. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals Cardinology
41. Lack Saturate Every Atom
42. Tears Run Rings Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never
43. The Hold Steady Stay Positive
44. Genghis Tron Board Up the House/Board Up the House Remix EP’s
45. Paavoharju Laulu laakson kukista
46. Murder By Death Red of Tooth and Claw
47. The John Francis Impostors Suckfrancisco Frankenstance
48. Ten Kens Ten Kens
49. People Under the Stairs Fun DMC
50. Raphael Saddiq The Way I See It

Honorable Mention for the year’s greatest sound art/art installation album:
Janek Schaefer Extended Play

December 2008

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